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The flood plain in northeast India, lying south of Himalayan foot hills and north of Brahmaputra river basin, covering an area of 880 sq-km.
In several Indian languages from Assamese, Bengali, Maithli, Bhojpuri to Telugu, the word Dooars mean -``THE DOOR`` and most probably means ``The gateway to Bhutan``.
Dooars, once belonged to Koch dynasty and further, Bhutan took possession of the area since 1865, after the Bhutan war, British annexed the area with Goalpara district of Assam.
According to present political geography, Dooars is spited in two different parts. The western Dooars, consisting of Cochbihar, Alipurduar, Jalpaiguri and plains of Darjeeling, in the state of West Bengal and Eastern Dooars consisting of Dhubri, Kokrajhar, Barpeta, Goalpara and Bongaigaon in the state of Assam.
The optimum altitude of Dooars is limited to 1,750 meters and followed by innumerable streams and rivers.
Major rivers are Teesta, Jaldhaka, Murti, Torsa, Sankosh, Diana, Raidak, Bramhaputra and Manas.
The average rainfall of Dooars is about 3500 mm, Summer is short and mild, Monsoon starts from mid-May and continues till September end and Winter presents, cold N foggy mornings and nights.
The native people are from Mongoloid racial line, composing of numerous tribes, which includes Bodo, Rava, Machia, Rajbonsi, Tamang, Limbu and Lepcha. Apart from Mongoloid tribal population, there are satisfactory population of Bengali's, mostly migrated from the country of Bangladesh. Further, during the development of tea garden plantation, British imported workers from Chhotanagpur plateau and Santhal paraganas and so the Oroan, Munda, Kharia Mahali, Lohar and Chik Baraik are the tribal communities nestled in Dooars in satisfactory number. Presently, in the sphere of arts, cultures, Rituals and languages the versetility is well noted.
The major town of Silliguri is the gateway to Western and Eastern Dooars. Other sub-divisional and district towns are Jalpaiguri , Dhupguri , Mainaguri, Malbazar, Birpara , Jaigaon, Kokrajhar, Bogaigaon, Verpeta, Dhubri and Goalpara.
``Triple T`` is the economical base of Dooars (Tea, Tourism and Timber).
Dooars is well acquainted for its versatility in culture, spectacular natural beauty and rich bio-diversity.
Splendid view of the Himalayan range, the mind blowing beauty of lash green tea plantations, picturesque view of innumerable streams and rivers, flowing down through the mountains of Bhutan, its versatility of racial lines, wildlife sighting, bird watching, camping, hiking and many more attractions, pulls tourist to Dooars, from different parts of the globe.

Guide to reach

Nearest Airport

Nearest Airport- Bagdogra (IXB). 1 hour from Kolkata and 2 hours from Delhi. Bagdogra to Resort Gorumara Nest- 1.5 hours and 78 KMs

Nearest Railway station

Nearest Railway station- New Jalpaiguri (NJP). 8 to 10 hours from Kolkata and less than 24 hours from Delhi. New Jalpaiguri Railway station to Resort Gorumara Nest - 1.5 hours and 70 KMs.

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