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Gorumara National Park

The Gorumara National Park is reported to harbor about 48 species of mammals, more than 264 species of birds, 22 species of reptiles, 7 species of turtles, 50 species of fishes and other macro and micro fauna. However very little information is compiled till date about the various species of Butterflies found in this region. But now that the research and conservation of butterflies have started, it has not only made Gorumar's Biodiversity richer, but also a lot more colorful.

List of Butterflies:

Acacia Blue Common, Acacia Blue Silver-streaked, Ace Tufted, Admiral Indian Red, Albatross Chocolate, Albatross Common, Albatross Eastern Striped, Angle Chestnut, Angle Tawny, Apefly, Autumn Leaf, Awl Brown, Awl Common, Awl Common Banded, Awl Orangetail, Awl Plain Banded, Awl Slate, Awlet Branded Orange, Awlet Orange, Awlet Small Green, Awlking Indian, Baron, Baron Gaudy, Baron Powdered, Baron White Edged Blue, Bath White, Batwing Common, Black Prince, Blue Gram, Blue Lime, Bluebottle Common, Bluebottle Glassy, Bob Chestnut, Bob Mussourie Bush, Bob Oriental Palm, Bushbrown Chineese, Bushbrown Dark -Brand, Bushbrown Long-brand, Bushbrown Whitebar, Cabbage White Asian, Castor Angled, Castor Common, Cerulean Common, Cerulean Dark, Cerulean Glistening, Cerulean Metalic, Ciliate Blue Common, Ciliate Blue Pointed, Circe, Commander, Commodore Green, Commodore White, Constable, Cornelian, Coster Tawny, Count Grey, Courtesan Painted, Crow Blue Spotted, Crow Common, Crow Double branded, Crow King, Crow Long-branded Blue, Cruiser, Cupid Bicolor (Moore's Cupid), Cupid Plain, Dart Dark Palm, Dart Plain Palm, Dart Wax, Dartlet Common, Dartlet Smaller, Demon Grass, Demon Restricted, Demon Spotted, Duffer Common, Dusky Partwing (Coon), Earl Common, Earl Plain, Eggfly Danaid, Eggfly Great, Emigrant Lemon, Emigrant Mottled, Emperor Indian Purple, Evening Brown Common, Evening Brown Dark, Evening Brown Great, Flash Common, Flash Common Red, Flash Indigo, Flash Slate, Flat Brown Pied, Flat Common Small, Flat Common Spotted, Flat Common Yellow-breasted, Flat Dusky Yellow-breast, Flat Fulvous Pied, Flat Restricted Spotted, Flat Tricolor Pied, Flat Yellow, Flitter Purple-Spotted, Flitter Tree, Forget Me Not, Forget Me Not Silver, Gem Common, Glider Common, Grass Blue Dark, Grass Blue Lesser, Grass Blue Pale, Grass Blue Tiny, Grass Jewel Oriental, Grass Yellow Common, Grass Yellow One-spot (Jordan's Grass Yellow), Grass Yellow Small, Grass Yellow Spotless, Grass Yellow Three-Spot, Gull Common, Gull Lesser, Hedge Blue Common, Hedge Blue Pale, Hedge Blue Plain, Helen Red, Helen Yellow, Hopper Bush, Hopper Pygmy Scrub, Hopper Veined Scrub, Imerial Blue, Imperial Common, Jay Common, Jay Great, Jay Tailed, Jay Veined, Jester Northern Common, Jezebel Indian, Jezebel Painted, Jezebel Redbase, Jezebel Red Breast, Jezebel Red Spot, Judy Dark, Judy Double -banded, Judy Spot, Judy Tailed, Knight, Lacewing Leopard, Lacewing Red, Lascar Common, Leopard Common, Lime Butterfly, Lineblue Banded, Lineblue Common, Lineblue Dingy, Lineblue Tailless, Lineblue Opaque Six, Lineblue Pointed, Malayan, Mandarin Blue, Map Common, Maplet Common, Medus Brown (Nigger), Mime Common, Mime Lesser, Mime Tawny, Monkey Puzzle, Mormon Great, Mormon Common, Nawab Common, Nawab Great, Nawab Malayan, Nawab Pallid, Oakblue Aberrant, Oakblue Centaur, Oakblue Dusted, Oakblue Green, Oakblue Hooked, Oakblue Indian, Oakblue Spotless, Oakblue Yellow-disc Tailless, Oakleaf Orange, Onyx Brown, Onyx Common, Orange Tip Great, Orange Tip Yellow, Painted Lady, Palmfly Blue-Striped, Palmfly Common, Palmfly Jezebel, Palmfly Spotted, Pansy Blue, Pancy Chocolate, Pancy Grey, Pancy Lemon, Pancy Yellow, Pancy Peacock, Pasha, Pea Blue, Peacock Common, Peacock Paris, Pierrot Angled, Pierrot Branded Blue, Pierrot Common, Pierrot Dark, Pierrot Elbowed, Pierrot Spotted, Plushblue Shining, Plushblue Spangled, Popin Jay, Psyche, Puffin Plain, Puffin Spot, Punchinello, Purple Sapphire, Quaker Common, Rajah Black, Rajah Scarce Tawny, Rajah Variegated, Rajah Yellow, Raven Common, Redbreast, Redbreast Tailed, Redeye Common Branded, Redeye Giant, RIng Common Five, Ring Common Four, Ring Large Three, Rose Common, Royal Branded, Royal Broad-tail, Royal Banded, Royal Broad-tail, Royal Chocolate, Royal Plains Blue, Royal Silver, Sailer Chestnut-streaked, Sailer Clear, Sailer Common, Sailer Dingiest, Sailer Dirty(Burmese), Sailer False Dingy, Sailer Namba, Sailer Short-banded, Sailer Small Yellow, Sailer Yellowjack, Sawtooth Spotted, Sergeant Blackvein, Sergeant Color, Sergeant Common, Sergeant Orange Staff, Sergeant Unbroken, Silverline Club, Silverline Common, Silverline Common Shot, Silverline Long-branded, Silverline Scarce Shot, Skipper Indian Grizzled, Snow Flat Common, Snow Flat Multispotted, Snow Flat Spotted, Snow Flat Suffused, Snow Flat Water, Spangle, Spark Broad, Spark Narrow, Sunbean Bright , Sunbean Indian, Sunbean Toothed, Swift Blank, Swift Contiguous, Swift Lesser Rice, Swift Rice, Swift Small Branded, Swift White-fringed, Swordtail Chain, Swordtail Fivebar, Swordtail Sixbar, Swordtail Spectacle, Swordtail Spot, Tiger Blue, Tiger Chestnut, Tiger Chocolate, Tiger Dark Blue, Tiger Glassy, Tiger Plain, Tiger Striped, Tinsel Common, Tit Fluffy, Tit Orchid, Tree Orchid, Tree Yellow, Treebrown Bamboo, Treebrown Banded, Treebrown Common, Treebrown Straight-banded, Vagrant, Wanderer Common, Wight Common, Windmill Common, Witch, Yamfly, Yamfly Branded, Yeoman Common, Yeoman Large, Zebra Blue, Zebra Great, Zebra Lesser etc.

*** We welcome you at our Resort Gorumara Nest, for a pleasent stay and interaction, with some spectacular Butterflies***

Guide to reach

Nearest Airport

Nearest Airport- Bagdogra (IXB). 1 hour from Kolkata and 2 hours from Delhi. Bagdogra to Resort Gorumara Nest- 1.5 hours and 78 KMs

Nearest Railway station

Nearest Railway station- New Jalpaiguri (NJP). 8 to 10 hours from Kolkata and less than 24 hours from Delhi. New Jalpaiguri Railway station to Resort Gorumara Nest - 1.5 hours and 70 KMs.

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