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Gorumara Nest

When was the last time,.......... you felt or enjoyed something for the first time!
``RESORT GORUMARA NEST``, - An Eco-Resort project, welcomes you in the picturesque Himalayan foothill of WESTERN DOOARS- An eminent tourist destination in North East India, in the cradle of mother nature, touching GORUMARA NATIONAL PARK.
It's satisfactorily away from the hassle basal of any city or town, where you get an opportunity to kill time in peace N tranquillity, being surrounded by rich biodiversity of THE GORUMARA NATIONAL PARK.

Oxidize yourself in the lush green.

Meet the firm life force of local tribes.

Take a safari through the dense forest and feel the wilderness.

Go for a photographic session in the Himalayas for the day or more.

May spent some days watching wide varieties of common or rare or rarest of the rare birds, in and around the Park.

May go for Camping, Hiking or Trekking in the region of Darjeeling, Sikkim, Nepal or Bhutan Himalayas.

May plan Mobike Cruise or Car Safari in the region of Darjeeling, Sikkim, Nepal or Bhutan Himalayas.

River rafting: Inflate the boat, put on your life jacket and enjoy the charm & thrill of rafting in the river Teasta, under expert supervision.

Para Gliding: Hold your breath, take control over your adrenaline and fly like a free bird and enjoy a spectacular view of 360 degree amphitheater.

Resort Gorumara Nest assure you cooperation, guidance and assistance in every touring need and so, deserves to be the choice of your stay.

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